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Our drains take a constant beating from continual use. They are one of the hardest working features in our home and business. However, whether it’s disposing food in the kitchen sink, hair gathering in the bathtub, or large object being flushed down the toilet, drains can become easily clogged. Save yourself the stress and headache that comes from trying to fix that mess yourself. At Westmount Plumbers , our skilled Toronto plumbers offer fast, reliable services to tackle drains that need to be fixed.

Signs Your Drains Are Clogged

Doesn’t it seem like plumbing emergencies happen at the most inopportune moments? Problems such as clogged drains can really throw a wrench into your routines. At Westmount Plumbers, we never want you to miss a beat. That’s why we have listed some signs that can indicated your drain is backed up.

Look out for these potential warning signs:

  • Drain makes strange, gurgling noises
  • Puddles of water appear near the tub
  • Water pools in sinks, without draining
  • Water comes back up from drain
  • Water drains very slowly
  • Drains emit strange smells

Too often, individuals rely on harsh chemicals like bleach to wash away their plumbing problems, only to find that their drains are worse than before. Westmount plumbers , our dedicated Toronto plumbers have the training and experience to properly handle a clogged drain. We work efficiently and punctually to give you the service you want.

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Westmount Plumbers of Toronto ON is the trusted name in plumbing services. We lead the industry in professionalism and reliability. Furthermore, we guarantee all our parts and labor, so that you can rest assured that your satisfaction is our top priority.